What Sam Harris gets Wrong about Religion

I’ve just watched a marathon of all four conversations/discussions between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris, held in 2018. Each one is about 2 hours (so 8 hours in total!). The first two were in Vancouver, the third one in Dublin, and the fourth in London. In the 02 Arena, no less, which makes me happy as philosophy and honest discussion on the topics that matters … Fortsätt läsa What Sam Harris gets Wrong about Religion

The DIY Monastery: Kinäs Kloster

Since I started this blog I have been arguing against the concept ‘the postsecular’, an academic buzzword for almost twenty years. The idea behind that concept is the ‘new visibility of religion’. This idea means a changed relationship between religion and surrounding society in general, and between religion and politics in particular. But the problem is that very little (if any) empirical data seems to … Fortsätt läsa The DIY Monastery: Kinäs Kloster

Coming out with Depression

As some of my readers may know (and some now) I have struggled with depression for some time. Already autumn 2015 it started to get serious, really. I lost my intellectual sharpness in writing my ph d thesis. The texts I submitted to my supervisors was a kind of hit-and-miss, where I never quite could predict if they were good enough. Oftentimes they were not. … Fortsätt läsa Coming out with Depression

Presenting: Teologen

In the early human tribe, the shaman was the spiritual and musical leader; banging the drum in repetitive patterns, urgin the people of the tribe on, making them dance around the bonfire, coming ever closer to ecstasy. Into contact with the divine mystery. This is the path of Teologen, the current day reincarnation of that spiritual and musical leader. After more than a decade of studying … Fortsätt läsa Presenting: Teologen

Lyrics & Interpretations: Sara & The Temple

This here is my vision / What I’m imagining mysticism / a more real reality A space to breathe / to keep secret from the world to safeguard from hurt To share an inner sanctum / for most unheard Sara, let us go there   You’ve seen so many temples / so have I scattered ’round the globe / or oppressively homegrown Telling us their … Fortsätt läsa Lyrics & Interpretations: Sara & The Temple

Not all men wants to be free … or play jazz

Philosopher Alexander Bard, whose ideas on syntheism I have written about before here, has been quite vocal in what he sees as the dark underbelly of the #metoo campaign. Bard promises to further elaborate and address drives in the internet age and the need for human archetypes in his & Jan Söderqvist’s forthcoming book; Digital Libido. In a conversation (in Swedish) with Katerina Janousch (Swedish … Fortsätt läsa Not all men wants to be free … or play jazz

The problem with Men

The metoo hashtash is delivering a deafening blow to humanity online as we speak. Pretty much every single sister, daughter, mother, grandma and friend tweets or facebooks it. #metoo speaks of one thing in particular: toxic masculinity. What that means is that men are cultured into and taught how to be men in a way that is devastating to socities all around the world. When … Fortsätt läsa The problem with Men

The problem with Women

The problem with women are the same as the problem with men. We tend to see these as helpful categories. And perhaps sometimes they are? What we typically do when we speak about women or men is a short-cut that embodies a lot of different things. The problem is that in meeting other people the projection of what a ’woman really is’ (or what a ’man really is’) often overcodes and … Fortsätt läsa The problem with Women

Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Well

My collaboration ”Age Well” with Ten Walls has apparently taken off this summer. Toffler festival even used it for their official promo this summer, although they cut out the first row of the lyrics. I suppose ”then kill yourself” isn’t exactly getting people in the party spirit. However, what the lyrics are saying is of course not that you really should kill yourself. Rather, it … Fortsätt läsa Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Well