Subsecular Arts: The Forest Interface

Are you a philosopher dreaming of genuine dialogue with others about existential questions?

Are you a musician who would like to perform your most personal live set or DJ-set ever?

Are you an sculptor, painter, or digital visual arts who is just longing to express your creative craft for others to see?

Have you dreamt of engaging others in a workshop which would be transformative for people?

Are you aching to be playful, to participate in genuine meetings with other people and have an idea about what you would like to do, or how you would like to do it?

Are you into performance arts?

Is there something other that you really would want to share with others?

Or would you like to be in a space which has nothing to do with money, profits or mundane life – but that has everything to do with self-expression, exploration, genuinely meeting people, seeing them, acknowledging one another, in a safe, respectful, explorative space? Then this Subsecular Arts event is for you!


The event happens between Saturday July 1st and closes on Monday July 3rd with Leave No Trace and departures. It’s a participatory event, guided by the ten principles of Burning Man. Purchase a ticket, and it gives you access to do whatever you like, in this beautiful place out in the country, where an old house from the 1880ies that used to be used for storing grains, is transformed into a 70 square meter dance floor and concert/music space (and yoga space), and an old 180 square meter barn that used to house dairy cows is now a space which can house any kind of project you would like to create (on your own, or together with others).

Early bird tickets are sold between May 1st – May 31st are 130 sek,

Regular priced tickets are sold between June 1st – June 23rd

Ticket sales end one week before the event, and the price goes to covering electrical works required to enable the event.

Tickets are sold via Billetto.

Welcome deep into the forest in the heart of Östergötland, to Stora Kinäs Gård in Åtvidaberg municipality, to an event where we aim at nothing less than transforming each others lives with genuine encounters between people, sharing and self-exploration!



Questions can be directed to and ticket questions can be posed to




Q: What is the difference between a ’burn’ and some other type of event, like a concert or going to a nightclub?

A: At a concert or any type of commercial event, someone is the producer of content, the ”artist”, whereas someone else is purchasing a ticket to ”consume” the experience offered by the nightclub, dj or performance. The ticket buyer is a passive recipient of the experience that someone else wants to give. At a burn, however, there is no distinction between producer or consumer, no artist contra audience. Everyone is a co-creator of the event. We all receive what others want to share with us – their music, laughters, thoughts, workshops, art projects – with gratitude, openness, generosity and curiosity.


Q: I’m a DJ/musician/painter/etc who usually gets paid for my performances/work, why should I partake in this for free?

A: Just speaking for myself, I’m a DJ and vocalist who perform around 80+ paid gigs every year. However, performing in such a setting comes with expectations; make people drink more at the bar, attract people to come to establishment x or y. In a burner community everyone is absolutely free to explore what they want. As a musical performer this means that I can play whatever I like, explore, be creative and do those things that wont result in people buying more champagne, those things that speaks to who I am, at my core. This is the kind of self-expression that burns provide a venue for.


Q: I am new to ’burns’ and the ’burner community’. Is there something in particular I should think about?

A: The largest participatory event in the world; Burning Man, gathers around 70 000 people, all following a minimal code of conduct (the ’ten principles’ linked to above). Good to know if that you cannot rely on others to make things happen for you, but you make sure that you have everything you need to make your particular contribution possible. This means everything from making sure that you have brought electrical chords (if you haven’t checked with someone else that they will bring it for you), that you bring food and drinks, bring a tent to sleep in, or arrange some other living accommodations. Whatever you would like to see happen – make it happen! If you want to arrange a ”gifting bar” where people give away free food and drinks; do that. If you have space in your apartment, or an extra sleeping bag in your tent, feel free to offer it up. My personal experience of the burner community is that once you ask (conversations regarding this event is carried out on the Slack app and via a Facebook group) people are generally very helpful. At my latest burn, I shared my electrical chords and some keyboard stands with people in need of it. I myself was in need of some extra space for my workshop, and that was worked out very quickly once I posted about my need on the forum. My experience is that people really come together and help one another. And in doing so, a sense of generosity and care is something that we start building already before the actual burn takes place.


Q: How do I get to Björsäter Stora Kinäs Gård, where the event is hosted?

The closest cities (with both train, bus and air connections) are Linköping and Norrköping. However, from there, there is no buses or public transportation, so you need to go by car. Talk it out with your fellow burners on Slack or in the Facebook group, surely you’ll be able to find someone who can car pool with you. Or maybe if you’re enough people, maybe you even want to rent a small bus? There is parking on the field next to the barn. However, there are no outlets to charge electrical cars.


Q: How can I sleep during the event?

A: Sleeping at the event is optional. Since it’s a 24 hour burn (a very short one compared to many others), those who want can stay up all night, as there will most likely be DJ:s and live music until morning. There is space to set up tents in the adjoining garden. There is also a very limited amount of indoor accommodations in the house adjacent to the event buildings.


Anything else you’d like to know – just ask here in the comments, email, or take it up with your fellow burners!

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  1. Låter intressant! Hur många biljetter kommer släppas?
    Finns det då eller gott om toaletter och eventuella duschmöjligheter?

    1. Hej Max! Kul att du är intresserad! Det kommer max säljas 100 biljetter. Duschmöjligheter finns inte. Det finns en toalett (vanlig WC) inomhus, men om biljetterna säljs slut så kommer vi även ordna med ytterligare torrtoa.


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