The Cure #1: Control+Alt+Deleuze

In my last post I posited that capitalist individualism may be seen as a sickness. I wouldn’t do my job as a deleuzian philosopher if I didn’t take the mission command to introduce new problems and dream up new concepts, new worlds even. Here is one idea that has been floating around in my head for some time. How to merge a libertarianism (verging on anarchism) … Continue reading The Cure #1: Control+Alt+Deleuze

The Sickness

We live in a world where we are told by forces (I know, it sounds ominous but bear with me) tell us that the individual should be self-sufficient. In their seminal works on Capitalism and Schizophrenia, Deleuze and Guattari talks about how psychoanalysis ’works’, but is no neutral practice. I would argue that the same holds true for not only psychoanalysis but principally every strand of psychology … Continue reading The Sickness

”Deleuzian” Theology

There’s nothing rotten in the state of theology Gilles Deleuze. In a list compiling the authors of the most cited authors of books in the humanities, Deleuze came in 12th place. As such he is unquestionably one of the super stars of 20th century philosophy. Within theology there is currently an increasing number of theologians looking to the works of Deleuze (including those written together … Continue reading ”Deleuzian” Theology

Creating the Political Future

”Det geniala med lagen är att det bygger på en tydlig representation av det gudomliga. Den hyllar visserligen Gud – att hylla någon som ända aldrig lägger sig i något kostar ingenting, och det är därför också det äldsta metafysiska tricket i boken – men det viktiga är inte vem lagen hyllar, utan att den bygger på något fysiskt frånvarande så att den med hyllningen som kamouflage … Continue reading Creating the Political Future

Why Diets are Destructive

A while back, I sent out a post on Facebook asking what kind of questions people would like me to engage, philosophically on this blog. One such question was health. We live in a contemporary situation where health is an extremely obscured  issue. Not least because how it constantly intertwines with moralism and at the same time curiously is a strategy for coping with nihilism. … Continue reading Why Diets are Destructive

Lyrics & Interpretations: Darkness on the Edge of Ecstasy

Here, I’ve collected the lyrics and interpretations I offer to all of the tracks on my album. Excluded are the songs ”I don’t know”, ”Britch” and ”Weapon Together” as they have no ’real’ lyrics. Also, as I haven’t written ”Song” myself, but this is a cover of a Lewis Taylor track, I’ve chosen not to include that. Anyway, here goes the list: Circles It Could … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Darkness on the Edge of Ecstasy

Thinking and Relating without Representation

It’s not entirely easy to describe what non-representational thinking is, but accept the challenge and see if you follow (and comment if you don’t quite understand my way of explaining). I’ve chosen to do it here by (mainly) talking about it as a matter of desires, fantasies, sex and relationships. What separates Gilles Deleuze (who is sometimes referred to as a post-structuralist) from structuralists is … Continue reading Thinking and Relating without Representation

The task of Art (and Philosophy)

In her book ”Deleuze – an introduction” Claire Colebrook sums up Deleuze’s attitude towards his scholarly discipline – philosophy that is – as having the task of not explaining the world but rather throwing new ways of thinking about, talking about and seeing the world, which is the same as producing new problems, rather than solving any. For Deleuze this is an ethical stance. Meaning that as soon as we think that … Continue reading The task of Art (and Philosophy)

Lyrics & Interpretations: Blisters

I’ve got blisters on my soul I’ve been walking for too long I’ve been looking for an answer to a question I don’t know I’ve got blisters on my soul ___________________ As Gilles Deleuze and many process-oriented philosophers after him points out: We are always in a process. Always in a state of transition. In other words: We are always walking. Sometimes we know little about the … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Blisters