What Sam Harris gets Wrong about Religion

I’ve just watched a marathon of all four conversations/discussions between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris, held in 2018. Each one is about 2 hours (so 8 hours in total!). The first two were in Vancouver, the third one in Dublin, and the fourth in London. In the 02 Arena, no less, which makes me happy as philosophy and honest discussion on the topics that matters … Fortsätt läsa What Sam Harris gets Wrong about Religion

Sex, Money & Theology

What is theology? I know, had that been the ”sexy” headline this may become the least read piece I’ve ever written. However, I believe that there is much to be said on this topic. One way of thinking about theology is to align with a tweet from theologian David Capener: Contemporary theology seems to be about answering questions no one is asking. I believe this has a painful … Fortsätt läsa Sex, Money & Theology