Coming out with Depression

As some of my readers may know (and some now) I have struggled with depression for some time. Already autumn 2015 it started to get serious, really. I lost my intellectual sharpness in writing my ph d thesis. The texts I submitted to my supervisors was a kind of hit-and-miss, where I never quite could predict if they were good enough. Oftentimes they were not. … Continue reading Coming out with Depression

Lyrics & Interpretations: Sara & The Temple

This here is my vision / What I’m imagining mysticism / a more real reality A space to breathe / to keep secret from the world to safeguard from hurt To share an inner sanctum / for most unheard Sara, let us go there   You’ve seen so many temples / so have I scattered ’round the globe / or oppressively homegrown Telling us their … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Sara & The Temple

Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Well

My collaboration ”Age Well” with Ten Walls has apparently taken off this summer. Toffler festival even used it for their official promo this summer, although they cut out the first row of the lyrics. I suppose ”then kill yourself” isn’t exactly getting people in the party spirit. However, what the lyrics are saying is of course not that you really should kill yourself. Rather, it … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Well

Lyrics & Interpretations: Distain

Sometimes when I write music I do it from a place of consciousness; trying to express something over a predetermined theme. When I wrote these lyrics for Anton and Rafael, I didn’t however. It was a sort of flow that started with expressing thoughts on cognition, drives and sufferings which are universal, that we all (or at least most of us) experience. And in the … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Distain

The Forest Interface: What happened in the forest

This last weekend, 35 burners decended upon Stora Kinäs Gård, smack in the middle of the deep forests of Östergötland. For 48 hours, there was a lot of different things going on; cuddles, genuine conversations, a jam stage, electronica yoga, bathing in the lake, a lot of brilliant dj:s and live acts – among them the premieer of Saagan’s (aka Andreas Saag) live set that has … Continue reading The Forest Interface: What happened in the forest

Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Old Pain

  Oh, so lone, I’m feeling old and broken Feel like I’ve told all my stories to anyone caring enough to listen Must I, do I really have to try another time to fill my life with meaning, purposeful expressions It’s absurd in just one lifetime to pull off this puzzle I’ve accumulated failures for millennia   So throw me a parade, hurray, I have found the age … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Old Pain

Subsecular Arts: The Forest Interface

Are you a philosopher dreaming of genuine dialogue with others about existential questions? Are you a musician who would like to perform your most personal live set or DJ-set ever? Are you an sculptor, painter, or digital visual arts who is just longing to express your creative craft for others to see? Have you dreamt of engaging others in a workshop which would be transformative for people? Are you aching … Continue reading Subsecular Arts: The Forest Interface

Lyrics & Interpretations: Darkness on the Edge of Ecstasy

Here, I’ve collected the lyrics and interpretations I offer to all of the tracks on my album. Excluded are the songs ”I don’t know”, ”Britch” and ”Weapon Together” as they have no ’real’ lyrics. Also, as I haven’t written ”Song” myself, but this is a cover of a Lewis Taylor track, I’ve chosen not to include that. Anyway, here goes the list: Circles It Could … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Darkness on the Edge of Ecstasy

Lyrics & Interpretations: When Your Phase is Gone

I have been through two divorces. The first time, about eleven years ago, we got married after five years together. The marriage somehow worked as a catalyst for her to realise that ’this is not at all what I want’, and after four months the divorce was a fact. It was her decision. Last year I went through the same thing, as if she had borrowed … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: When Your Phase is Gone

Lyrics & Interpretations: Listen

I love it when comedian Bo Burnham talks about humility and then counters with: and now, a song from the perspective of God. There is nothing inherently problematic about writing songs from the perspective of God. The problem arises when the lyrical perspective tries to impose the writer’s sentiments on the listeners with the help of divine authority. I, however, wanted to write an open song, a song of … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Listen