Darkness On the Edge of Ecstasy – LP out now!

2007 I came to a fork in the road. I realised I couldn’t live off music alone (people had stopped buying records and with that half my annual was gone), so I had a choice: Either go more commercial, or let my music be a space of uncompromising art, and absolute creative freedom. I chose the way of no compromise.

But. Having worked closely with record labels and already having an audience, I found myself mentally being ’split’ in the studio: One part of me was in a creative flow, but it was only a ’half-flow’ as the other part of me was constantly thinking ”what will the label think?”, and ”how will the audience react to this?”. So I set out on what turned out a quite hard journey to work myself away from that mindset. It took me a good long while. Also, I wanted to find a process in the studio that was truly inspiring. That too, took some time. But one after another, small ideas, patches, loops, lyrical themes, started to emerge, turned into songs, new songs unlike most of what I’ve ever done before.


Jump to 2016. With the support of Berlin based label Sonar Kollektiv, the result of this uncompromising journey of full creative freedom, is now being shared with the world! So when I say this is my debut album, it’s not only as Jonatan Bäckelie, but also an album that was somehow buried deep down and has gradually emerged. I cannot stress enough how very proud I am to have arrived at the point where ”Darkness On the Edge of Ecstasy” is finally here!

Find it here: https://jonatanbckelie.bandcamp.com/album/darkness-on-the-edge-of-ecstasy


I thoroughly hope you’ll enjoy this, my most personal work to date.



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