Lyrics & Interpretations: Circles


I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles

I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles

I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles

I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles

To varying degree, we are in a dissensus

We’re wading through debri, we can’t seem to make sense of

With historicity we avoid to make things worse

But rationality is eluding our circles,

It seem so far from our circles

Circles, circles, circles …


The song is the opening track of my debut album. And the circles analogy can be applied on multiple levels. As my favourite French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (you may have other favorite philosophy-homeboys/girls) points out every reiteration always happen with some degree of change, but often times it feels like things are merely repeating. Your morning rituals, coffee, cigarettes, yoga, hitting the snooze button too many times … Your way of carrying yourself and greeting the world with the same old feeling of uncertainty, hostility, generosity, naivité or whatever is your practice of choice … How you perceive the world politically, including what you vote for … Where you shop and what … What you say or don’t say to your kids, spouse or loved ones … All of this happens with a great degree of habit and repetition. The problem with seeing things as the same old-same old is that we then run the risk of not realising that we are actually fomenting certain aspects of our lives. We are enhancing our commitments, entrenching ourselves within already carefully constructed frameworks. And although we work our way, unknowingly, towards an increased investment in things, attitudes and practices that we would benefit from perhaps being a little less certain about, we wonder ’how come people don’t think like me’, ’if only people could be more like me’, and ’why is common sense so uncommon’. So, for me, the interpretation of my own lyrics can be distilled into the notion that the circle is illusory, but that it for sure grants us a sense of ’getting nowhere fast’. Maybe you have a different interpretation. And maybe … you wish we could agree?

Jonatan Bäckelie ”Darkness on the edge of ecstasy” (including ”Circles”) is out now on Sonar Kollektiv. Get it here:


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