Lyrics & Interpretations: Listen

I love it when comedian Bo Burnham talks about humility and then counters with: and now, a song from the perspective of God. There is nothing inherently problematic about writing songs from the perspective of God. The problem arises when the lyrical perspective tries to impose the writer’s sentiments on the listeners with the help of divine authority. I, however, wanted to write an open song, a song of reassurances, of comfort, presence and the long perspective of God being a force since the beginning of time – a concept that we may as well forget about. Enjoy!



Listen, don’t you know that I

was right here from the start

make can make it there

see me walking through

through with you this time

speak what’s on your mind

let’s forget about time

we go once more,

Listen …


”Listen” is a part of my debut album ”Darkness on the edge of ecstasy” out now on Sonar Kollektiv!


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