Lyrics & Interpretations: Blisters

I’ve got blisters on my soul

I’ve been walking for too long

I’ve been looking for an answer to a question I don’t know

I’ve got blisters on my soul


As Gilles Deleuze and many process-oriented philosophers after him points out: We are always in a process. Always in a state of transition. In other words: We are always walking. Sometimes we know little about the road ahead, sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that we do know, that we can guess or try to make prophecies and foretell our future. It’s of course an illusion. All the same, we can’t halt time. We can’t stay in the present. The present that just was faded a second ago. What was the unknown future a minute or a year ago is now reality.

We may like this particular moment in reality. We may be so fond of it that we try to freeze it. But to no avail. The endless trotting on towards the future is tiresome. Delving into the unknown is. Approaching what truly has never been before can be a truly frightful endeavour. We may tell ourselves stories about directionality and purpose. We may think that we are looking for answers to particular questions. But sometimes neither question nor answer is anywhere to be found. Still:

What can we do but to keep walking?


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