Lyrics & Interpretations: Age Well

My collaboration ”Age Well” with Ten Walls has apparently taken off this summer. Toffler festival even used it for their official promo this summer, although they cut out the first row of the lyrics. I suppose ”then kill yourself” isn’t exactly getting people in the party spirit. However, what the lyrics are saying is of course not that you really should kill yourself. Rather, it challenges the absurdistic notion that one should take care of your body (instead of bodily indulgence), accumulate wealth (instead of accumulating meaningful experiences). The song begs the questions: What exactly are we ’saving’ ourselves for? For old age? For one day being slightly better off, for not having lived life to the fullest? Our bodies are inevitably heading in the direction of breaking down. There is no stopping aging, halting the breakdown. Ultimately, there is no escaping death. We can choose to deny or grant ourselves a full life on the way there. And that is what I want to encourage you to think about. What is it that would make your life meaningful? And what is it that merely stands in the way. Once you identify that: Break free – you might as well.


Age well, then kill yourself

Get in deeper in your cell

You design your personal hell

Or break free – you might as well,

you might as well,


You can find your love in deepest wells

You can force your truths upon others when

you go that distance – that you never will

break free – you might as well.


Ten Walls’ album ”Queen” is out now. Get it today at iTunes!




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