Presenting: Teologen

In the early human tribe, the shaman was the spiritual and musical leader; banging the drum in repetitive patterns, urgin the people of the tribe on, making them dance around the bonfire, coming ever closer to ecstasy. Into contact with the divine mystery. This is the path of Teologen, the current day reincarnation of that spiritual and musical leader. After more than a decade of studying theology, and a life-long love affair with electronic dance music, I am convinced that the practice of dance as a spiritual collective and individual journey, has been forsaken which is a terrible mistake. As Teologen I will be making and releasing spiritual dance music, a form of Subsecular Art; a relevant expression of contemporary spirituality, founded in the act of dancing to repetitive drum patterns.

Below you will find the first two releases of the project:

tenacious dao sleeve

Tenacious Dao EP, released April 2018 on Runemark Records

ritual turmoil sleeve

Ritual Turmoil, released September 2018 on Dear Deer Records.



/your contemporary shaman: Jonatan aka Teologen


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