Lyrics & Interpretations: Blisters

I’ve got blisters on my soul I’ve been walking for too long I’ve been looking for an answer to a question I don’t know I’ve got blisters on my soul ___________________ As Gilles Deleuze and many process-oriented philosophers after him points out: We are always in a process. Always in a state of transition. In other words: We are always walking. Sometimes we know little about the … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Blisters

Lyrics & Interpretations: When Your Phase is Gone

I have been through two divorces. The first time, about eleven years ago, we got married after five years together. The marriage somehow worked as a catalyst for her to realise that ’this is not at all what I want’, and after four months the divorce was a fact. It was her decision. Last year I went through the same thing, as if she had borrowed … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: When Your Phase is Gone

The God Box – ’fragile’, ’this side up’

The way I think about God is that it’s a phenomenological box. Since the beginning of time people have been placing things in different boxes, using language; words. Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening, for instance – was for a long time placed in the box labeled ”God” (’fragile’ and ’this side up’ labels optional). With time things started to change, some things were taken out … Continue reading The God Box – ’fragile’, ’this side up’

Lyrics & Interpretations: Listen

I love it when comedian Bo Burnham talks about humility and then counters with: and now, a song from the perspective of God. There is nothing inherently problematic about writing songs from the perspective of God. The problem arises when the lyrical perspective tries to impose the writer’s sentiments on the listeners with the help of divine authority. I, however, wanted to write an open song, a song of … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Listen

Purity, positions, porosity.

Let’s talk about these three. In my recent divorce one of my most gifted, most highly intelligent friends gave me the advice: bli inte flyttad på – which can be roughly translated to don’t get repositioned by others. My friend, being less of a deleuzian than I am, wanted me to ponder: what is my inner core, and not to let other people make me stray … Continue reading Purity, positions, porosity.

Lyrics & Interpretations: Heidegger, Marx or Foucault

For some years I’ve had a motto that I’ve expressed something like this: Out of six billion people there are people bound to have a more well-founded opinion than you – be prepared to change. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I go around constantly longing for being proven wrong, but it’s a reminder to be open to the fact that I don’t know everything. In … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Heidegger, Marx or Foucault

Lyrics & Interpretations: Speech Is No More

A wise man (let’s call him Christoffer Berg) once said something along the lines: I think where many artists go wrong is that they try to tell their audience what their songs are about. I think there’s a lot of truth to this. As far as literature is concerned, academics talk about ’the death of the author’. The same goes for musical lyrics. I (or anyone else) can’t control what … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Speech Is No More

Lyrics & Interpretations: Circles

Circles I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles I wish we could agree, but we’re going in Circles To varying degree, we are in a dissensus We’re wading through debri, we can’t seem to make sense of With historicity we avoid to … Continue reading Lyrics & Interpretations: Circles

The Discography

Hereunder you’ll find my complete discography (as Jonatan Bäckelie): 2016: Jonatan Bäckelie ”Darkness On the Edge of Ecstasy” [Sonar Kollektiv] Matthias Vogt featuring Jonatan Bäckelie ”Higher Love” + Powel Remixes 2015: Matt Darey ”Dream of Me EP”, including Matt Darey featuring Jonatan Bäckelie ”Step Outside” [Nocturnal Nouveau] 2014: Alex Barck ”Reunion Remixes” including: Doubter (Ada Remix), Doubter (Beach Club Remix), Doubter (Mao Remix), We Get High (Kalabrese … Continue reading The Discography