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I love it when comedian Bo Burnham talks about humility and then counters with: and now, a song from the perspective of God. There is nothing inherently problematic about writing songs from the perspective of God. The problem arises when the lyrical perspective tries to impose the writer’s sentiments on the listeners with the help of divine authority. I, however, wanted to write an open song, a song of … Fortsätt läsa Lyrics & Interpretations: Listen

Lyrics & Interpretations: Heidegger, Marx or Foucault

For some years I’ve had a motto that I’ve expressed something like this: Out of six billion people there are people bound to have a more well-founded opinion than you – be prepared to change. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I go around constantly longing for being proven wrong, but it’s a reminder to be open to the fact that I don’t know everything. In … Fortsätt läsa Lyrics & Interpretations: Heidegger, Marx or Foucault

Lyrics & Interpretations: It Could Go Either Way

I sometimes half-serious-half-jokingly refer to this song as the world’s first honest love song. Because no matter what we want to promise one another, and how strongly we are feeling deep sensations of love, lust, affection, empathy, passion, arousal, truth, connection and commitment, we can honestly not say with absolute certainty that we know that we are going to stay together forever. And that bittersweet insight, that what we have … Fortsätt läsa Lyrics & Interpretations: It Could Go Either Way

Darkness On the Edge of Ecstasy – LP out now!

2007 I came to a fork in the road. I realised I couldn’t live off music alone (people had stopped buying records and with that half my annual was gone), so I had a choice: Either go more commercial, or let my music be a space of uncompromising art, and absolute creative freedom. I chose the way of no compromise. But. Having worked closely with record labels … Fortsätt läsa Darkness On the Edge of Ecstasy – LP out now!

Podcast: The Subsecular & The Music

  I just made an appearance in the podcast: The Catacombic Machine. The podcast and blog is run by Josef Gustafsson, who formerly also rn the blog and podcast Freestyle Christianity to which I’ve contributed some texts. This is, however, the first time I’ve been part of the podcast. Feel free to listen as I elaborate on the introductory text to this blog and unpack it for you, … Fortsätt läsa Podcast: The Subsecular & The Music