What Sam Harris gets Wrong about Religion

I’ve just watched a marathon of all four conversations/discussions between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris, held in 2018. Each one is about 2 hours (so 8 hours in total!). The first two were in Vancouver, the third one in Dublin, and the fourth in London. In the 02 Arena, no less, which makes me happy as philosophy and honest discussion on the topics that matters … Fortsätt läsa What Sam Harris gets Wrong about Religion

A Thousand Tiny Sextapes (Part 1)

Desiring machines At the outset of Anti-Oedipus Deleuze and Guattari lays out what they understand as desiring machines. The mouth coupled with the breast, the bee coupled with the flower. Desire, in Deleuze’s understanding of the word, is productive, it drives us forward, the amalgamation of the in some sense heretofore singular, or at least separable, into a new totality is how desire works. Desire … Fortsätt läsa A Thousand Tiny Sextapes (Part 1)

Why Diets are Destructive

A while back, I sent out a post on Facebook asking what kind of questions people would like me to engage, philosophically on this blog. One such question was health. We live in a contemporary situation where health is an extremely obscured  issue. Not least because how it constantly intertwines with moralism and at the same time curiously is a strategy for coping with nihilism. … Fortsätt läsa Why Diets are Destructive